How To Download Opera Mini For PC - Guide !! 

Opera mini is one of the oldest browsers but it still existing. This will exist in the modern world of Internet browser that has been the competitor for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Opera mini app around the internet for many times and delivered many good things for the browsing world. Nearly three thousand and fifty million customers use opera mini and its number still growing. Opera mini succeeded to manage this kind of large user based because of only one thing i.e. user-friendly.

Opera is an application, which allows the user to connect to the Internet with secure and fast browsing anywhere and anytime. This application is available for many platforms such as Android, Mac, Mobile, iOS, iPad, Windows, and even in Linux that most other browser fails to achieve. This application has versatile numbers of users for all kinds of age groups.


The reason behind Opera being famous:

Features and Functions are the basic reasons behind the huge success of Opera. The way Opera perform the task along with high speed certainly reduces load time that taken. Cookie cache is the biggest hassles because it saves them at all. To overcome this, Opera boost mode plays the trick when the task completed immediately. Opera is the best class among others with its additional add-ons, bookmarks, and other small features for optimizing its speed.

Features of Opera mini:

  1. Stay safer and more private: Opera keeps your browsing safe so that you can focus fully on content. Opera secure browser protects you from malware and fraud on the web. To get better privacy, you can use Opera free and unlimited VPN features.
  2. Enjoy browsing an ad-free web: Opera is the first browser that blocks ads for you without any add-ons. As per tests, Opera built-in ad blocker makes rich content WebPages load up to 90% faster.
  3. Multitask on the web easily: Opera visual bookmarks, customisable shortcuts, and tab recycling stay you on track and saves you time. Opera’s new video pop feature makes you stay browsing or any other work in other application without missing any action.
  4. Browse faster: Opera always provide top priorities for speed and performance. The native ad blocker, data-compressing opera turbo, and other feature help you browse faster. Moreover, the new feature battery saver helps you browse longer so that it extends the battery life of laptop up to 50%.
  5. Currency converter: Opera comes with an inbuilt currency converter that helps you shop online across the worldwide without any fraudulent activities on your credit card bill.
  6. Personalize your browser: More than a thousand extensions make it easier to customise Opera. From Opera add-ons catalog, you can download extensions and themes that you like to get the best browser experience along with personal touch.
  7. Bring all browser data with you: Using the Opera Sync feature, you can switch all browser data between devices and pick up with you wherever you go. By your Opera account, bookmarks, open tab, and other data keep synced.
  8. Get your personal newsfeed: Opera brings all latest news to the browser’s start page so that you can Personalise newsfeed and read things what relevant for you.


Download Opera Mini for your Android Device or tablet now. Spare information and accelerate moderate associations for nothing.


Download Opera Mini for Mac now from here: 100% safe and infection free. More than 325 downloads this month. 


Download  Opera Mini for Windows with better browsing experience and additional speed which likewise takes less data.

How to Download Opera Mini for PC

Opera mini for PC is the most efficient web browser that can download and install within a few minutes. It allows users to browsed the internet with ease and reduce the real process take place. Officially, Opera mini is available for PC. The user can access it by installing the Android Emulator as Blue stacks and use it on PC. When browsing on Opera, one can connect only with the Opera mini on the Smartphone just to enjoy. Here is the guide to download Opera mini for PC.

  • Before download and install Opera mini, you must install Java and MicroEmulator or Bluestacks.
  • Go to Java page and install it for both Windows and Mac PC. Once the Java downloaded, follow further steps for installation.
  • A MicroEmulator is available to download Opera Mini for PC so unzip it at any destination on your PC.
  • Now, launch the microemulator.jar file and resize it to any ratio.
  • From the Opera official download page, get Opera mini and choose the latest version
  • To run Opera Mini, you have to go to file and open MIDlet File then Opera mini. In that, open advanced-en.jar file.
  • Now, you download and install the latest version of Opera mini on your PC.

Frequently Asked Questions Section - FAQ's

Q1: Is Opera mini available in my language?

Q2: Does Opera mini support encrypted connection?

Q3: How does Opera Mini protect my privacy?

Q4: How do make Opera mini as the default browser and change browser’s language?


I love Opera mini because of its fast and secure way of loading tasks. Among other browsers, Opera mini offers many unique features. I really love this browser was available for windows directly.

My friends introduced this excellent browser to me. I love this browser to provide more security and privacy for browsing. Helps me keep a balance on the data savings and loads rich content faster.

Personally, I prefer everyone to use Opera mini browser. Because it offers many features like night mode, auto-saving feature etc. Synchronizing is the best thing to store all data between various devices.

Lara Chase